Full Name
John Perrone III
Job Title
Owner/Director of IT
Perrone & Sons
Speaker Bio
John Perrone is a fourth generation owner/operator of a small family business that has been in operation since 1924 located in New Orleans, Louisiana. John is a technology enthusiast that upon starting his full-time career within the family business realized that his hobby and experience in technology was a perfect fit for the needs of improving and modernizing the family business and process flow.

John Perrone started his full time career in the family business shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. John has played a key role in recognizing company needs for change to improve workflow efficiencies through the use of various technologies such as Crystal Reports, SYSPRO Reporting Services, Custom Form Fields, Custom SQL Database Table Creation, SYSPRO’s ACH and EDI modules, and third party hardware and software packages without existing integrations with SYSPRO.

John believes that in order to fully utilize any piece of software you need to dig into the inner workings leaving no stone unturned and learn the software capabilities as much as possible.
John Perrone III