Full Name
Shekhar Chandrashekhar
Job Title
SMART Manufacturing Practice Lead
Speaker Bio
Shekhar Chandrashekhar is a leader, strategist, and innovator with a history of driving improvements that streamline operations, drive growth and increase profitability on a global scale. His background in business and technology leadership, and deep knowledge and advanced training in engineering management have provided him with a unique talent—the ability to transform organizations, influence company and product positioning and drive a laser focus on priorities that support the company’s vision, goals, and positioning.

In his current role as Smart Manufacturing Practice Lead at CMTC, Shekhar partners with the nationwide network of innovation institutes and industry 4.0 solution providers to assist small and mid-sized manufacturers in digital transformation. With vast expertise in IIOT, Agile, and data and information management, combined with a 360-degree approach, Shekhar leads clients in crafting strategies and integrating the right end-to-end technology to get the right information at the right time in the right form to the right people throughout the value chain to enable smart decisions.

Shekhar Chandrashekhar is passionate about driving change at the intersection of business, technology, and culture. He is also a people-oriented leader with the capacity to engage and develop high-performing teams that work together to realize unprecedented—verifiable and repeatable—results.
Shekhar Chandrashekhar