Full Name
Albert Mendoza
Job Title
ERP Educator / Technical Specialist
Speaker Bio
In his job as a Senior ERP Trainer and Technical Specialist, Albert supports all aspects of SYSPRO from hardware to software. He has 19 years of experience at SYSPRO and specializes in the more technical areas like system evaluations and requirements, operating systems, which include: All Windows Server and PC based operating systems, SQL server, LAN and WAN Networks, and all aspects of SYSPRO’s back end.
He is also very knowledgeable in the software’s and setups like Access, Excel, Crystal, Report Writing, e.net solutions business objects, and vbScripting to name a few.
In addition, Albert is also part of the A team (Ad-hoc team) where he is often involved in the initial setups for new customer sites. This also includes troubleshooting problems at sites along with general support and training. He will often be found supporting internal employees in all departments by helping with technical Software issues. He has become known as the ‘Technical Guru’ of SYSPRO.
Albert loves his job at SYSPRO because things are always changing, which makes the job exciting. He has the ability to continually learn new technologies, which is a plus in this perpetually changing business.
He is very comfortable with public speaking and eager to share knowledge with anyone. He has been a speaker at many SYSPRO conferences, training courses, and educating customers and resellers all across the United States.
Albert Mendoza